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Mommy: "Sissy, what are you going to wear today?"

Sissy: "Ho-Ho?! Elsa?!"

Mommy: "Oh...what about one of these pretty dresses?! AND you can wear your dress up shoes!"

Sissy: "No! No! Ho-Ho!!!!!!!!!"

Guess who won?


Life's all about compromise, right? Sometimes, just so that we can get to church 10 minutes (instead of 15) late, Big Sissy gets to wear her "HO-HO!!!" PJS under her smocked dress. #mommytruths

Try as we may, motherhood can be full of mishaps and mayhem. Let’s get through our Monday with a little laughter as we share our #mommytruths.

Please help encourage other Mommy's by sharing your #mommytruths in the comments below.

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  • Georgia Anne on

    Felicia that’s hilarious! We certainly eat our words and thoughts don’t we. “It’s a battle I DON’T choose.” Perfectly said. :)

  • Felicia on

    As a former teacher, I despised parents who sent their student to school with more than a few accessories. I let Jett take two trains to church each week because it’s a battle I don’t choose! #mommytruth

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