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Thursday's Three

5 Minute Journal Laughter Mothering Thursday's Three

Welcome to “Thursday’s Three”! In these posts, we will give you three things that we are loving this week.  We’ll include things we are reading, using, laughing about, and more! So, Momma, take a few minutes for yourself and ENJOY!

1. I am LOVING this Mommy friendly and super fashionable cape from my friend Ali’s online boutique, Alice and Wonder. Now let’s just set things straight, I am no fashionista and my day-to-day outfits are mostly “activewear”, BUT this cape can be casual or dressy.  I’ve thrown it on with my yoga pants for mother’s morning out pick-up and I’ve also worn it out for fancy dinners. Can I just tell you that it’s come in handy more than a handful of times to function as something other than a cute jacket? Big Sissy needed a little distraction while I got everyone ready to head out the door so we used it as a tent.  It’s also made nursing Baby Sissy a little more convenient during Saturday brunch.  There are only a few capes left so act fast if you think you want one! While you are checking out Ali’s awesome site make sure you peruse their SALE items, especially this cute little number that Ali styles as both a scarf and a belted cape. I am quite sure that my sweet Big Sissy could find many ways to use that as well. If you’re like me and need someone to tell you what’s “hott” then you are in LUCK.  Ali will be featuring some of her favorite spring trends and “happies” in a few weeks on the Grace and James Blog.


2. I am READING and re-reading this hilarious post from Scary Mommy called The Truth About Having A Third Child. Whether you have 1, 3, or 6 kids, I promise you’ll have tears streaming down your face as you read through. (Photo Cred: Our Momma, SuSu, snapped this picture of us with our very tired Daddy and one of our little brothers...that's right, our mom has FOUR kids. I'd love to hear what the author has to say about that.)


3. I AM USING this colorful and fun Mara Mi notebook from Target as my 5-Minute Journal. In last week’s “Thursday’s Three”, I linked one of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts where he recommends prompts for writing in the journal every morning and night.  When I went to buy the real deal 5-Minute Journal and realized that it was on backorder I decided to make my own using a cute notebook and address labels.  I have been writing in the journal for a week now and can actually tell a difference in my mood each morning and evening as I set goals for the day and then reflect on all of the amazing things that happened. My next goal is to actually act on my “I am grateful for...” prompt and start reaching out to the people who I list in this section. (If you haven’t listened to the podcast then you really should!  It’s only 20 minutes and will give you lots of ways to help you “Complain Less, Appreciate More, and Live a Better Life.”

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