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Thursday's Three

Mothering SAHM Thursday's Three

Welcome to “Thursday’s Three”! In these posts, we will give you three things that we are loving this week.  We’ll include things we are reading, using, laughing about, and more! So, Momma, take a few minutes for yourself and ENJOY!


1. I am LIVING in these comfy and dare I say sexy yoga pants. Like I mentioned in my previous Thursday’s Three, I am NO fashionista hence this week’s recommendation for “activewear”. However, if you’re like me and consider leggings to be a perfectly acceptable form of day-to-day pants then you’ll also like these...okay and these too. I love shopping online from Old Navy because their site is usually 40% off.  

2. I am THANKFUL for the Graco Nasal Aspirator during these cold winter months. If you don’t already have one of these, then log-on to your Amazon Prime account right this second and choose next day shipping. If there was ever a baby must have this, literal, sucker is it. You’ll want to get these too for the tiny baby nose. It’s quick, easy, and you can actually clean it. This could quite possibly change your life. You’re welcome.  

3. I am ADMIRING a precious post from a husband to his wife. In the post, Stephen outlines the never ending tasks of being a stay-at-home mom and tells his wife (and really all moms) how grateful he is for their work. I know the guilt and struggles that come with being a SAHM and this fella’s words made me remember the importance of the job.

Stephen’s post also reminded me of an article that my mother-in-law sent me a few months back called Fathers, you can't afford a Stay-At-Home Mom.  

Plus 1 Extra:

I was so INSPIRED by Mary’s Agnes’ Thursday’s Three last week that I have to give it a little plug here. I’ve started my mornings with devotions from Proverbs 31 Ministries since her post and can I just tell you that it’s changed my mornings? M.A. subscribes to their daily email but I use the First 5 app. The app itself allows you to set a timer and then wakes you up with your 5 minute (or less) devotional. There is even a place for you to jot down reflections and notes. It’s a free app and I promise you’ll love it. Did anyone else commit to making this a part of their morning routine? What do you think? How do you feel after doing it for a whole week?

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