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#mommytruths...and why they are so important

#mommytruths Helping Others Laughter Mothering Motivation


Each week we bring you the good, the not so good, and the silly as a reminder that we are all human. Sometimes (more times than not), it is okay for your toddler to rule the household. It is oh so easy for us to scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and question why we can’t have the picture perfect lives that all our friends are posting about. Don’t they know that my “messy bun” (that just looks greasy) and active wear (that the baby has thrown up on twice) are my daily uniform. How in the world did they curl their hair, put on jeans, and not forget one of the kids at home?!

It’s easy for me to roll my eyes and give an annoyed chuckle (while simultaneously nursing a baby and playing ring around the rosy with a 2 year old) at their social media perfection, but then I look at the pictures that I post. Most are truly authentic, but others are scaled over just enough so that you can’t see the pile of laundry and/or the mac and cheese that’s stuck on the floor (for two days now…). Do I post pictures of these things? Ha! Bless it. Have you seen pictures of Big Sissy crying because I won’t let her dip her “nakie” doll in the toilet (again) or the dark bags under my eyes from sleep deprivation? NO, don’t nobody want to see that! Are these things the facts of life? Yes!!  

When you are blessed with children, you are gifted #mommytruths. They are the things that keep you humble. #mommytruths are the stories that you will tell for the rest of your life. You’ll compare them with your friends at playdates, laugh about them with your husband at the dinner table, and wish to have them back as you give wedding speeches. They are what make life LIFE.

#mommytruths make you vulnerable. You are forced to admit and accept that perfection isn’t required (or even really attainable) as you embark into this crazy world of Motherhood. When we as mothers are willing to put these truths out there for our friends and strangers to see, it makes the Mommy Wars settle just a bit. Being brave enough to share your “not so good and silly” helps other Mommies see that if you just LOVED your kids today and didn’t worry about the “Golden Mother Standard” then that was enough.

So, Mommys, I challenge and invite you to join us at Grace & James as we laugh with and encourage each other through #mommytruths each week. What if once a week we all shared our mayhem as a way to laugh at the moments that will inevitably pass too quickly? Mary Agnes and I think that doing so will help us remember to practice giving grace to others and ourselves. Please, friends, join us.


This week's #mommytruths is brought to you by our sweet cousin, Corinna Sullivan. Her youngest managed to cover her face in purple marker over the course of a minute long phone call. The real kicker is that later in the day poor GL fell and required a trip to the ER. Corinna shared, "So it turns out that the faded purple marker look did not work in our favor tonight when the young pediatric doc came in to look at her and was like, 'Oh my gosh, is her face bruised?' sorry, guy. just marker."

We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried, y'all.

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