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We cannot go another day without giving a HUGE shout-out and HIGH FIVE to our amazing photographer, Kelly Goodwin, from Athens, GA. She has been a supportive stylist, photographer, and new friend every step of the way. All of the models’ Mommies were so impressed with how natural she was at “directing” the kids, and how she put all of us nervous nellie Mommies at ease.

Kelly worked as an intern doing wedding photography before she discovered her passion for photographing families and kids. Let me tell you, this is her true calling as she is so patient with the kids, especially those who don’t want to have their pictures taken. At one point, she had Big Sister by the arms and was twirling her around in a circle to lighten her mood and get her laughing. Kelly started her business, Kelly Elaine Photography, back in 2010 but has limited her work since the birth of her second daughter. She is opening her schedule up to more clients this year, so if you are in need of a photographer, I highly recommend her! You can find more of Kelly’s work on her facebook page. Thank you, Kelly!  

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