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Thursday's Three

Welcome to “Thursday’s Three”! In these posts, we will give you three things that we are loving this week.  We’ll include things we are reading, using, laughing about, and more! So, Momma, take a few minutes for yourself and ENJOY!

1.  I am TREASURING Wilkes’s first visit to the Peabody Duck March. The Peabody is a historic hotel in downtown Memphis.  As an 80-year tradition, children line the red carpet to watch the 5 mallard ducks march down the elevator from their rooftop home to the lobby fountain at 11:00 and then back home at 5:00 each day. This was such a proud parent moment as I watched Wilkes scream and giggle with excitement when the ducks shook and splashed water all over him.  He left soaking wet but had the time of his life!  What fun activities did you do while your kids were home over President’s Day?

2.  I am LAUGHING over the movie “How to Be Single”.  I mean, Rebel Wilson is just hilarious. To top it off, we saw the movie at Malco Ridgeway Four, where they serve wine and beer, have a legit food menu, and bring your order to your seats in the theater. Sometimes you just need to get a babysitter, watch a silly movie, and laugh until you cry with a glass of wine.  

3.  I am REVAMPING the walls in my den with a Walgreens print. Instead of paying hundreds for a portrait that I'll want to change every few years, I paid $20 for a poster and had my dad make an oversized frame. Walgreens offers photo deals every few days so pick your print and watch their site until you find the one that fits your project.


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