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Mothering (and just parenting in general) is hard work. On Fridays we celebrate and high five each other for all of the AWESOME things we have accomplished both big and small.

This week’s #highfivefriday goes to our own momma, Suzanne Ray. Last week, we celebrated the life of her mom, our Gan Gan.  She was one special lady who led a wonderful, FULL 89 years. Our mother (and her 4 siblings) executed the most exquisite home going that the little town of Pontotoc has ever seen. Our Gan Gan sure would have been proud of their floral arrangements, offering of real tea cups (not those old styrofoam cups) to visitation guests, the love that they showed all who came to share in the celebration, AND, most importantly, how they used this time to share God’s love with others.

When momma was a little girl, our Gan Gan led her to the Lord, just like her mother was led to the Lord by momma’s grandmother. Momma has taught us about Christ and now we get to pass down that legacy of faith to our own children. We love you SuSu! 

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