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Try as we may, motherhood can be full of mishaps and mayhem. Let’s get through our Monday with a little laughter as we share our #mommytruths.
Today’s #mommytruths is brought to you by Allison Banta. Enjoy!

Today’s edition of Evie Ruth Entertainment:

We get home from the store, and I’m unloading bags while E eats lunch, and I find a box of tampons.  Which I definitely didn’t put in the cart, because HELLO - the only benefit of breastfeeding is that I currently don’t need them.  So I’m just standing there looking extremely puzzled, when ER looks up from her lunch and yells excitedly “Oh mama! You finded you a-prize I buyed you at the store! I hide my wittle box and they put it in the bag and you buyed it! Happy Birthday mama!”

I had to sit down on the floor becuase I was crying laughing.  This Kid. What. The. Heck. #mommytruths

What kind of “surprise” have YOU found from the grocery store? Tell us in the comments below!
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