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Try as we may, motherhood can be full of mishaps and mayhem. Let’s get through our Monday with a little laughter as we share our #mommytruths.
Not all moments throughout motherhood are full of perfectly posed and smiley. Some are COVERED in poop...Happy Mother's Day to me!! really shouldn't have! ? ‪#‎timetopottytrain‬ ‪#‎pooeverywhere‬
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  • Savannah McCoy on

    While shopping for Fields’ grandmothers this past week, we had a similar experience! In the parking lot of Barnes and Noble we ran into my little brother’s girlfriend. She was playing with him and tickling him and when I shifted him from one hip to the other I felt something wet on my hand and sure enough… ?. By this time it was all over my blouse and his bubble! We were meeting daddy for dinner afterward so I called for an emergency change of clothes because the outfit he was wearing WAS his extra! Daddy stops and shops and brings blue jeans and a polo ?

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