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Mothering (and just parenting in general) is hard work. On Fridays we celebrate and high five each other for all of the AWESOME things we have accomplished both big and small.
This week's #highfivefriday is dedicated to our LOVE for the Grace & James Kids + Charlotte Proper collaboration.  We are so proud of our creations and we know your kiddos are going to look precious with these sweet monograms. Keep your eyes peeled for the adorable addition to the Jack Bubble.  All monograms will be available soon for purchase.  You can check them out on the Grace & James Kids Website
Would you like a chance to be featured on the Grace & James blog AND receive a discount on an outfit of your choice? If so, please comment below OR submit your #highfivefriday to Winners will be selected weekly. Please send us your own accomplishments as well as high fives that you would like to give your AWESOME Mommy or Daddy friends!

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