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2-in-1 Meals, 2-in-1 Outfits PLUS a Giveaway with LoLo Headbands

2-in-1 Fashion Recipe Ideas

Raise your hand if you thrive on being efficient and effective. You can't see me on the other side of the computer but I have both hands up!! This week we will be talk about how to achieve the two big E's in the kitchen and in our kids' closets!

As Mary Agnes and I design our collections and select complementary garments to fill the Grace and James Kids boutique we always consider how we can mix and match each piece. The ability to buy, for example, one complete outfit (shirt and bottoms) and then a custom sweater to then make two outfits is simply a must for us! Luckily doing this with G+JK clothing is so easy. 

We also sat down with Kaeti Shurling MS, RD to talk healthy meal prep. She was happy to give us some tips on how to make left-overs shine with a recipe that allowed for 2 meals from just 1 night of prep.  

2-in-1 Meals, 2-in-1 Outfits PLUS a Giveaway with LoLo Headbands?! The week couldn't look any better! Let's dive right in!

Kaeti is a big fan of bowls and salads for lunch. She shared, "Both are a great way to spin ingredients from last night’s dinner into a completely different, yet delicious, lunch." 

It helps to plan dinners with your lunch in mind. Think about it, you have chicken, quinoa and green beans for dinner, how do you make a lunch out of this that doesn’t give you the “eating leftovers” feel?" Here are two ideas:

    1. Shred that chicken and chop those green beans, then toss them into the quinoa with a little citrus vinaigrette and voila! You’ve got a bowl!
    2. Or…since you’re so good about eating all your veggies the night before, you’ve probably polished off those green beans, right? So just toss the quinoa with some greens, then top with the shredded chicken and dress with oil and vinegar for a quick salad!


I enlisted my almost 4 year old daughter to help with our dinner and lunch prep which included:

  • Dinner: Lean cheeseburger with grilled peppers
  • Lunch: Crumbled beef patty over an arugula salad, topped with cheese, avocado and  croutons*! Croutons: toast the bun and chop into cubes.

She loved helping me cut the veggies for dinner and even ate the "leaves" that we used for our salad the next day. 

Kaeti taught me that when planning for our 2-in-1 meals, I should always plan for "transformational ingredients."

What are transformational ingredients? Find a full list of them HERE. They can be great for dinner, and perhaps even better for lunch the next few days!

Now, our challenge to you is to come up with a delicious 2-in-1 dinner and lunch using at least one ingredient from 4 of the 6 categories above (required: protein and vegetable). Download the worksheet HERE to get started. I know for me, it's most helpful if I write down our meals and have it to look back when I am doing my Click-List and cooking during the week. 

Kaeti says, "It’s a good idea to keep some of the transformational ingredients on hand, especially the non-perishables. I always keep beans, quinoa, greens and oil and vinegar on hand. Therefore, I can always count on having an easy protein, grain, vegetable and dressing option to throw together with my leftovers!"


Now on to the 2-in-1 outfits! You can see above that Sister is wearing the Carolina Floral Skirt Set as we prepped for dinner.  By swapping out the floral top for her custom unicorn sweater, she had a second outfit as we made our burger bowls for lunch the next day. 

She's been wearing her unicorn appliquéd shirt with her skirt from the Carolina Floral too!

Who says PJS can't be worn out of the house?! No mother with little children that's for sure! The Tatum Floral Loungewear shirt has been one of my big girls' favorite tops this fall! I had light blue pique Dotsy Skirts made to coordinate with the shirts. They throw on a Julius Berger cardigan and are ready to go! We've had several friends do the same thing! How darling are the Tatum Floral Loungewear tops paired with pink?!

The emerald green velvet jonjon from our Mistletoe Collection is also an amazing piece to layer for little boys. Throw on the mallard turtleneck or the tractor turtleneck and custom sweater to get 3 outfits out of 1 piece!

Now that you are equipped with two new strategies for tackling motherhood, let's move on to our giveaway! After all, mothering deserves all the prizes! 

My girls adore hair accessories and have really loved the unicorn headbands from LoLo Headbands. They have several whimsical styles and fun pairings for just about any season or occasion. Make sure to like @lolo.headbands on Instagram and our giveaway to win two headbands of your choice from LoLo Headbands! They make styling 2-in-1 outfits even easier!

Want more recipe ideas from Kaeti? Find her on Instagram @kaeti.rd! We have TONS of 2 (or 3)-in-1 outfits ideas featuring LoLo Headbands over @graceandjameskids too!


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