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Mommy Brain, Part I

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Whether you're holding your new baby in your arms or are anxiously awaiting her arrival, you know what I mean when I say “pregnancy/new mom brain.” This brain is emotional, scared, tired, emotional, excited, forgetful, anxious, and, did I mention, emotional. It's hard to even think straight sometimes when you're really in the trenches of the 10th month of pregnancy (Yeah, no one mentions this until you hit 9 months and you realize you still have FOUR more weeks until the baby is due!!!) and then when your newborn is finally here.  I read that a woman's brain actually shrinks when she's pregnant BUT studies have recently shown that after birth it grows and remains altered for the rest of the mother’s life.

Between changing diapers, nursing, general worrying, cuddling, WebMD-ing, and truly experiencing the most beautiful time of your life, it's understandable that one might feel as though their brain is going to mush. (If this isn't you then congratulations, you have managed to be “that mom” and I want to follow your blog.)

My second pregnancy started off this way and with a 13 month old baby to keep me busy, plus the morning sickness that thinks morning is anytime the sun is out (and also at 2 am) I found myself relying on social media and TV as a way to relax. While looking at baby or wedding pictures (and also pictures of my friends’ homemade dinners...and their pets) was a great source of entertainment I quickly found that these activities were doing nothing to stimulate my thinking. I kid you not, it became hard for me to find the right words when having conversations with other adults and the only real “news” that I knew about involved GIFs that I had seen on BuzzFeed and/or the Today Show segments that I had heard in the background of my morning chaos/routine. Once I got some energy back I knew that I needed to get motivated and continue to challenge myself socially, intellectually and physically…and let's be honest, pregnancy in itself challenges you enough on the emotional front.

I can say with confidence that I had and am having a great pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience because of goals that I set and simple daily practices that I followed. I cannot wait to share these things and MORE with you through the Grace & James Blog. (Disclaimer: I have still cried, mostly, happy tears every night since we brought Baby Sissy home...BUT as my mother says, “it's hard not to cry when your heart is so full.”)

When we initially decided to embark on this business endeavor, Mary Agnes and I kept coming back to the idea that everything we do as a part of Grace & James should tie back to our personal and business core values of helping and encouraging others. Whether it's helping parents dress their little ones in beautiful yet affordable outfits, using our profits to make charitable contributions, or being a “go-to source” for product recommendations and reviews, support, and, hopefully, a little comic relief, we hope that our readers and customers feel good after spending a few minutes with us.

We invite you to join us on our adventure through parenthood and entrepreneurship and hope that you will grow (as an individual, a family, and as a reader/customer) with us. Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us through email, Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter to get all of the latest updates about blog posts and to be notified of our first spring pre-sale which is happening in January! We cannot wait to show you all that we have been working on!

Much Love Y'all,

Georgia Anne

I know, I know, I promised to give you some insider tips on how to keep your brain from turning to mush...and I will, in part two of this post which will appear later this week! For now, here’s a sneak peak:

How to keep your brain from turning to mush during pregnancy and throughout motherhood:

#1- At 36 weeks pregnant decide to start a small business...

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