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Adorable Autumn Activities and Accessories

So yes, it may still reach the high 80s (who am I kidding...some days we're still in the 90s) here in the south BUT cool days are starting to slip in too! My kiddos love playing outside in our backyard which means that there are less messes for me to clean up inside. Fresh air plus a semi-clean house = WINNING!

Santa brought the girls a "Castle" last Christmas. We swing, climb the stairs, and have tea parties for hours no matter what the weather. I'm always amazed at how they have no regard for the heat or cold. Whether it's 100 or 45 degrees, they just want to be outside playing!

I am trying to be more intentional and present when I am with my kids. After their afternoon naps, I try to leave work behind and focus on enjoying them. Sure we go outside and just play, but it's fun to have quick tasks and activities some days too. An early morning nursing session gave me a few minutes to look through Pinterest for some easy Must-Do Autumn Activities. Big Sis loved our Nature Scavenger Hunt, especially all of the acorns she found! By the way, how sweet is that look on Brother's face as he watches his Big Sis?

She's also into tricks and jokes these days. Her favorite is the "up high, down low, too slow" oldie. Can I just tell you, it cracks me up every.single.time! I found a few jokes of my own on on Sunshine and Hurricane's Blog titled 10 Ways to Laugh With Your Kids. I'll let you be the judge of their silliness, but they are 3 and 1 year old approved at our house!


As the cool days begin to roll in, I'm starting to pull out our most needed autumn accessories: jackets.

*Let me be honest, it was a struggle just to ensure that Baby Sissy had on clothes so her jacket will just have to come when its REALLY freezing! AND, bless it, Baby Brother kicks his socks off all the time! Someone please tell me how to keep them on his sweet little toes when its cold!*

Widgeon's Favorite Fleece jackets have always been a go-to for my girls each fall. They are the easiest jackets for little kids with their velcro closers. You can even get the pastel colors with polka dot ribbon for your girlie-girl. The front of the jacket allows enough room for a large monogram too. Super cute for girls AND boys!

This year, I was excited to find precious quilted barn jackets in several colors from Widgeon. I purchased the navy barn jacket for both girls and loved them so much that I went back and ordered it in pink too! Big Sis told me, "It is so comfy cozy, Mommy! This is a Princess coat!" 

I've been pregnant for the past 3 out of 4 winters and have borrowed jackets just to get by. When I saw the Cory Tart Jacket from SNAP Boutique I fell in LOVE! It comes in several colors (this one is OxBlood Red) and is the perfect fall accessory for a busy Mommy like me. There are tons of pockets for pacifiers and snacks and a front zipper to keep out the wind. The thing that really sold me on the jacket was that it is rain resistant and comes with a hood that zips back into the collar. 

While you're perusing the SNAP Instagram, make sure to check out some more of our favorites HERE, HERE, and HERE. SCOUT bags are always a family favorite at our house too. The various sizes allow you to haul the entire nursery or just a few diapers depending on your outing. 

SNAP has been so gracious and is offering Grace and James Kids Mommas 20% off their TART Jackets! Just comment HERE with the color and size you'd like and let them know that you are a G&JK reader. They will invoice you directly! Make sure to show SNAP some love by following them on IG and by entering our GIVEAWAY on IG and FB for a chance to win a $100 gift card to SNAP!.

It is truly hard to believe that it's already fall, y'all! Let's enjoy this beautiful weather and look good doing so!


Georgia Anne 

PS- Girls are wearing the THORPE Wood's Sets and Brother is wearing the coordinating Henry Romper.





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