Mommy Crush: Elizabeth Pugh and Mitchell Walters


When I first "met" Elizabeth Pugh, owner of The Classic Appliqué, I knew she was someone that I wanted to work with again and again. Her love for the Lord was apparent even in her emails, and she uses her God given talents to create beautiful pieces! When she approached me about doing a collaboration with a friend in her kids' playgroup I was excited. When I found out that friend was non-other than an Instagram artist who I've followed and admired for some time, I couldn't get the ball rolling fast enough! Mitchell Walters, Mitchell Fine Art, designed and drew the two newest additions to our Grace and James Kids embroidery line. With Elizabeth's digitalizing skills, we are excited to be able to add our Unicorn and Armor of God designs to any outfit! 

We recently sat down with these two busy Momma's to chat and hear about how they find time in the day to be a business owner, friend, wife, and, most importantly, a mother. 

G&JK: Tell us a little about yourself and your family.  

Elizabeth- I am originally from Memphis, TN and found myself staying in Birmingham after attending Samford University and meeting my husband there. My husband, Hunter, and I have three boys, Miller (4), Bennett (2), Camp (1). We attend Christ Fellowship Church and are a house divided: Clemson fans for my husband and Ole Miss for me!

Mitchell - I grew up in Jackson, MS and graduated from Ole Miss.  After working in the fashion industry in New York City, I found myself in Washington, DC, where I met my husband, Matthew.  We have three precious children, Marguerite (7) and identical twin boys James and Nabers (4).  When I’m not playing with the kids, I enjoy painting, drawing, reading and writing!


G&JK: You are each full time Moms and business owners. Tell us a little about each of your businesses.

Elizabeth- I began The Classic Applique the summer of 2017. I offer digital applique and embroidery designs. I aim for all my designs to be “classic”. While I do have a lot of appliques and vintage stitch designs for children’s apparel, I also offer fonts and embroidery designs that could be put on anything from a cocktail napkin and hand towel to bags! I have such a right brain in terms of creativity and the ability to turn anything into a digital design is a DREAM job!!!!

Mitchell-  I have always had an itch to create.  Whether it be a pound cake or a painting, making something always gives me such a sense of peace and joy!  I began sketching and painting regularly about a year and a half ago, and somehow it has blossomed into a business, Mitchell Fine Art.  I paint everything from watercolor mermaids to big, detailed dresses straight off of the runway.  I also recently illustrated my first book, a sweet devotional for children called Christmas Dove. I am inspired by movement and emotion, and hope I can somehow convey that in all of my pieces.  I am still floored and so grateful every time someone has a connection with a piece of my art!  

G&JK: How did y’all meet?

Mitchell-  Through mutual friends!

G&JK: How did you decide to collaborate on designs?

Mitchell-  I have purchased several designs from Elizabeth for my children and have always admired her work.  When I noticed she was looking to collaborate with someone on new designs, I jumped at the chance!  With three small children, having the opportunity to create pieces for my children to wear is such a blessing!  

G&JK: What’s the BEST thing about being a Mom?

Mitchell-  All of the sweet, small moments.  Holding hands, snuggling and reading books, observing them soaking in the world with such innocent fascination.  My kids were decorating our Christmas tree this evening, and my daughter said, “Mama, do you know why we decorate Christmas trees every year?  It’s because it reminds us of how much we love our family.”  Cue the tears.  I am constantly baffled that God entrusted me with these precious little loves.  Life can be so chaotic and sometimes difficult with small children, but it truly is the greatest joy in the world!

G&JK: What’s the HARDEST thing about being a Mom?

Elizabeth- With three young boys 4 and under, I just feel stretched thin and tired. There’s a lot of “dying to self” at this stage of parenting, and while I wouldn’t change it for the world, there are some nights I go to bed completely drained. I have a hard time ever feeling fully rested, and as EVERY mom knows, feeling tired and being our best, most patient selves isn’t always easy to do.

G&JK: What’s your #1 Mommy Secret (how do you make life “work” and stay sane from day to day)?

Elizabeth- There are a lot of moving parts that help my life work and staying sane from day to day. A big part is my husband who does so much for our family and jumps in immediately to help with the boys and household responsibilities after he gets home from work. Additionally, I feel the less cluttered my house is, the less stressed I feel. So, I’m a BIG purger. As soon as I start feeling overwhelmed, I clean out some drawers, fill a few garbage bags, and ta da!!

Mitchell-  Elizabeth, I need you to come help me clean out my house ha!

G&JK: Where are your favorite places to shop for yourself and your kiddos?

Mitchell-  Unfortunately, I love to shop and I adore everything from Zara to Prada.  I enjoy saving for nice pieces, like a beautiful pair of shoes or a handbag, that I hope I can pass to Marguerite someday.  Mixing high and low pieces is fun and I will never fall out of love with fashion.  Marguerite loves a beautiful dress with a peter pan collar, so naturally she loves Grace & James (her new red Christmas dress is so beautiful!), Bella Bliss, Shrimp & Grits and Zara.  My boys look precious in their Armor of God shirt from Grace & James, and love cotton pieces from Bella Bliss and their cute Luigi Kids sweatshirts and cotton pants.

G&JK: What do you hope your kids will say about you one day?

Elizabeth- I would be honored and humbled if one days my boys would say that I loved fiercely and selflessly and modeled the Gospel for them in my actions.


You can find Elizabeth and Mitchell’s custom Unicorn and Armor of God designs at under the Monogram and Embroidery Collection now! We LOVE the designs on one of our blank pleats, dress savers, or long sleeve shirts. The options are endless!

Looking to learn more about these talented Mommas? Want to purchase some beautiful designs from them? Make sure to check them out and become a follower too!


The Classic Applique (Elizabeth Pugh)

Etsy shop is :

Instagram: @theclassicapplique



Mitchell Fine Art (Mitchell Walters)

Instagram: @mitchellfineart

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