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Try as we may, motherhood can be full of mishaps and mayhem. Let’s get through our Monday with a little laughter as we share our #mommytruths.
To all my sweet friends who have commented on how great we are doing with 4 kids, first off thank you and second let me remind you that I for sure don't have it all together;). Like that moment when your toddler doesn't quit throwing his fit in time to get off the elevator and the doors close and you hear it to start go up even though you are pushing the button with all your might! That's right people, I lost Cruz in an ELEVATOR today. Thankfully the lady who was totally judging me as it all went down got to him on the next floor and brought him straight back down. I bet he will be quick to get off elevators from here on out 😜. #reallife #4kidsislikeherdingcats
Thanks, Ashley Hardcastle, for sharing your #mommytruths! 
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