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Our Favorite Personalized Keepsakes

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I love finding ways to "freeze time" and capture special mementos in creative ways. We have partnered with our sweet friend and oh-so talented jewelry maker Mandy Scott from Luna & Jade to share some of our favorite ways to create personalized keepsakes.

1 - Handwriting Embroidery on your favorite Grace and James Kids outfit.

I have often said of my children's sweetest days, "I wish there was a way to bottle this up so that I can keep it forever." When my oldest started writing her name I loved to watch her determination as she wrote every single letter of her long, beautiful, southern double name. Seeing her pride in the outcome was something that I just wanted to savor for years and years. I took her handwriting and, with the help of our Grace and James Kids amazing embroiderer, had it embroidered onto a dress. She drew a picture of herself as a princess to add to the dress as well. The outcome is one of her most prized possessions and something that I know we will both cherish forever.   

My other two girls aren't writing their names just yet but I wanted to have something made that would coordinate with Suzanna Grace's dress. I chose designs that captured their little personalities including a unicorn for my free spirited 3.5 year old and a Georgia peach for my darling little Georgia Claire. 


2 - Personalized Handwriting Necklace from Luna & Jade

My grandmother, lovingly called GanGan, was such a strong influence in my relationship with the Lord. I can remember her words and letters of prayer from a very early age. I have several of our handwritten correspondence displayed in our home and one specific letter hanging in my office. It's a list of her "Truths" and it reads: never give up, God always has a valuable lesson, God doesn't promise an explanation (trust Him), and God's grace is sufficient. I read it and am reminded of these truths every day. I asked Mandy to take GanGan's handwriting and etch it onto a necklace for me. I chose the personalized rose bar and could not be any more pleased with how it turned out. I get a lump in my throat every time I wear it as I think about all of the lessons that I learned from such a special lady. 


3 - Custom hand embroidery for special occasions. 

We have been honored to help countless Mommas celebrate with our custom hand embroidery. Two of my favorite projects include adding a beloved doggie to a first birthday dress and ensuring that an outstanding man's love for two of his best girls will never be forgotten.

Using a picture of the birthday girl's pup, we created a dress that she requests to wear everyday! 

A dear friend found a note in her Daddy's bible after he passed away from cancer and was able to create a dress for her daughter and hankie for her step-mother.

4 - Finger print necklace from Luna & Jade

I adore how Luna & Jade necklaces can be customized to various lengths and layered together. Mandy encourages you to #wearyourstory and being able to customize all of her items allows you to do just that. I cannot wait to add all four of my little ones fingerprints to Lilly discs on a longer necklace and layer it with GanGan's words of wisdom. 


I'm just not sure that it get's any sweeter than this y'all! What will you have embroidered or etched? You can grab one of these darling necklaces from Luna & Jade for 10% off using code LJGJK10. Enter our giveaway on Instagram to win a necklace of your choice. 

Interested in more custom designs from Grace and James Kids? Check out our custom embroidery options and hand embroidered cardigans.    

Please leave us a comment below or on Instagram to let us know your favorite designs! Share this post or tag a friend on Instagram with someone who you know has great taste and an appreciation for custom items like you!


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