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Thursday's Three

Welcome to “Thursday’s Three”! In these posts, we will give you three things that we are loving this week.  We’ll include things we are reading, using, laughing about, and more! So, Momma, take a few minutes for yourself and ENJOY!
Father’s Day Countdown = T-Minus THREE DAYS!!!
Unless you’re doing some Amazon Prime shopping or local pick ups, it’s time to start thinking of your last minute Father’s Day happies! Don’t worry, Momma.  We’ve got this! Our #graceandjameskids Daddies have helped us come up with some last minute gift ideas that “every Dad really wants”. And I quote…
  1. “Peace and quiet so I can watch the US Open”.   The 2016 United States Open Championship is one of golf’s four major tournaments. This year the US Open will be played June 16th- June 19th at Oakmont Country Club in Plum, Pennsylvania. On Sunday morning, live TV coverage begins at 11:00 EDT and will go until 7:30 EDT.
  2. “6 pack and red meat” – After lunch (or before…it’s a celebration, right?), pop open a cold beer for your hubby and hand it to him with a smile. Even better, take your family to a local brewery. One of our favorites is Lucky Town Brewery in Jackson, MS. While you and hubby enjoy tasty samples, most breweries will offer fun games for the kids, food trucks, and music from local musicians.   On the way home, pick up some yummy steaks from a local meat market like Charlie’s Meat Market in Memphis, TN and have fun grilling out with the family.
  3.  Do something else he loves with him… even if it’s not your favorite. Take your outdoorsy dad on a hike, camping, or fishing.  Have a jam session with your rock star dad. Sing along, nod your head, and let him share his music with you. Play your movie-loving dad’s favorite movie. It may be the billionth time your family has watched the movie, but pop some popcorn, make a big pallet, and enjoy the show.
Ask your husband what he thinks “every dad really wants”. Share his response with us in the comments below!

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