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My mother lovingly says you can instantly tell that “kids live here” when she refers to my home. I know this is a compliment because it’s exactly how she would describe her own home. Pictures that my siblings and I drew 20+ years ago as well as handprints from grandchildren decorate SuSu’s walls even though she and my Dad have been empty nesters for nearly 10 years.

At my house, we live in our home. I mean really live in it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a nice rug, a special antique, and plush bedding as much as the next person, but I try to keep things real and manageable with three kids who are three and under. And, especially one who was born without *a give a care*. I know that there will be a season of life when I don’t daily say, “And this is why we don’t have nice things.” However, that’s just not where we are right now.

I love for the artwork around our home to surround us with special memories. Whether it’s a frame that my Dad made from old barn wood or a season of life captured in time through a watercolor. Each piece tells a story.

When I found out that our third child was going to be a boy, I knew we would need to switch out the pink and white nursery decor. Of course, planning for the little fella’s room didn’t begin until a few weeks (okay maybe days…) before he was born, so I knew we needed something sentimental but fast. I grabbed a large canvas from Hobby Lobby, taped off the sides with painters tape, and let the girls go to town with blues, greens, and yellows. Needless to say, they loved being able to paint all afternoon and were especially proud of the masterpiece that they created for their new baby brother.

3 ½ is a special age. There are times when I just want to bottle up Biggest Sissy’s precious little voice and innocent actions and other times when I am counting down the second until bedtime. (I know, major mom guilt in admitting that last part.) Big Sis is obsessed with ballet. She twirls and dances all around the house during all waking moments. I wanted a sweet way to capture this season of her life and was thrilled when I found Lainey Smith Art. I snapped a few pictures of my girlie and emailed them to Lainey. Within about a week, she had created this gorgeous watercolor of Big Sis in her favorite attire. My heart kind of skips a beat when I see it.

Another favorite way to adorn our walls with keepsakes is by framing our heirloom dresses. My mother’s first cousin, Sandra Ashford, owns The Ashford Collection based out of Jackson, MS and has been creating heirloom pieces for years. When I was around 4, I wore one of her special dresses as a flower girl. I have always thought that the dress was so angelic. When I found out that my first born was going to be a little girl, I knew that I wanted to incorporate the dress in her nursery. My dad built an open face shadow box for the keepsake to hang, and it’s been in her room ever since.

I also used our families baby dedication gown in my second daughter’s room. Sandra used pieces of lace from my mother-in-love’s wedding dress as well as lace used to modify my mother’s wedding dress that my sister and I both wore to create the custom gown. Each of the girls names are shadow embroidered on the slip which peaks out from behind the dress in the frame.

I am always inspired by ideas from other Mommas, so please share how you use unique pieces to decorate your own home. If you have a special piece in mind for a watercolor, shoot our sweet friend, Lainey Smith, a message. She specializes in taking your ideas and bringing them to life. She can do pictures of your kids, your first home, florals, or even something extra special for a nursery. I can already see y’alls Momma brains thinking of the custom birthday invites, Christmas cards, and gifts that she’ll be able to help you create. As a special gift to Grace and James Kids readers, Lainey is offering 20% off your order. Just let her know that you found her through GJK. And by the way, boy Momma's, how darling is THIS?



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