Spring and Summer 2020

Update to our Spring and Summer Timelines - March 27, 2020

Spring and Summer 2020 Order and Delivery Timelines

Mary Floral Heart Collection and Bless Your Heart Loungewear: In-Stock and ready to ship

Swimwear Early Bird: Pre-Orders end October 25th with mid-February delivery

Applique Bunny Collection and He Is Risen Loungewear: Pre-Orders end December 13th with end of March delivery

Spring Collections: Pre-Orders end January 10th with mid-April delivery

(George Collection, Strawberry Collection, Sweet Carolina Collection, Preston and Archie Collection, Rosebud Collection)

Swimwear: Pre-Orders end January 25th with end of April delivery

Summer Collections: Pre-Order ends February 8th with mid-May delivery.

(Sailboat Collection, Betsy Floral Collection, Washington Collection, Snips and Snails Collection, Patriotic Party Loungewear Collection)