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Order and Delivery Timelines

Fall 2018 Order and Delivery Timelines

ABC Collection: In-Stock

Pumpkin Collections: In-Stock

Fall Y'all Loungewear: early October delivery

James Collegiate Sets: mid- October delivery

All Fall Collections including Autumn in the South Loungewear: early October delivery

All Christmas Collections: early November delivery


Spring 2019 Order and Delivery Timelines

Please see the tentative shipping timelines. You MAY receive your item before the date range listed below but please use these dates as a guide. Most collections will be delivered 8-12 weeks after purchase. 

Valentine Collections: Pre-Order ends Friday, October 19 with mid/end January delivery

Floral Loungewear: Pre-Order ends Nov. 12 with early February delivery

Easter Collections: Pre-Order ends January 11 with early April delivery

Spring Swimwear and Collections: Pre-Order ends January 18 with mid-April delivery

Summer Collections: Pre-Order ends Feb. 8 with early May delivery