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Order and Delivery Timelines

Click here to see updates to our Spring & Summer Timelines March 27, 2020


Please see the tentative shipping timelines below. You MAY receive your item before the date range listed below but please use these dates as a guide. 


Fall and Winter 2020 Order and Delivery Timelines

Back to School Pre-Order: In-Stock and Ready to Ship

(Special Celebrations Collection and Bookworm Loungewear)

Football Pre-Order: Pre-Orders end June 20th with late September delivery

(Football and Cheerleader Loungewear, Football Turtleneck)

Applique Pumpkin Collection Pre-Order: Pre-Order ends July 11th with early September delivery

Fall Pre-Order: Pre-Orders end July 11th with mid-October delivery

(Turtlenecks, William Plaid Collection, Suzanna Floral Collection,  Carolina Floral Collection, Eliza Dress, Hadley Floral Collection, Evie Floral Collection, Rowan Plaid Collection, Sarah Blouse)

Gone Fishin’ Loungewear Pre-Order: Pre-Orders end July 11th with late October delivery

Blue Velvet Collection Pre-Order: Pre-Order ends August 1st with early November delivery.

Christmas Pre-Order: Pre-Order ends August 8th with end of October delivery.

(Holly Dress, Toy Soldier Button On, Let Heaven and Nature Sing Loungewear Collection)


All Collections

Custom Knits: 6-8 Weeks

RUSH Custom Knits: 3-4 Weeks Please purchase the Rush Fee HERE

Machine Monograms, Embroidery, Appliqués: 3-4 Weeks

Hand Embroidery: 3-4 weeks Orders received after May 8th will be added to a queue that will begin again on June 8th. 

Outwear: 2-3 Weeks

Accessories: 4 Weeks

Shoes: up to 2 Weeks

Bonnets: 3-4 Weeks

Belts: 2-3 Weeks

Custom Bottoms: 4-6 Weeks **Pre-Order Fabrics will be delivered starting in early August

RUSH Custom Bottoms: 2-3 Weeks Please purchase the Rush Fee HERE

Heirloom Collection: 3 weeks

Spring and Summer 2020: In-stock and Ready to Ship

Sale: In-stock and Ready to Ship